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Angela is hosting her high school reunion but she’s really in over her head. Can you help her prevent the reunion from turning into a total disaster in this crazy simulation and time management game?

When Emily finds a message in a bottle from her younger self, her past and present collide into an all-new heartwarming adventure! With lovable new characters and tons of time management levels, you simply can't miss.

Play a challenging game of checkers against the AI or another player.

Sink all the enemy ships and lead your fleet to the victory!

Help the farmers cultivate fields, grow wheat and to raise chickens, then click on the plots to collect your earnings.

Search for hidden objects in the jungle to find the Empire of Gold.

Explore a cursed village and find out what is going on there.

Click and drag the colored paddles to match the color of the ball.

There has been a new crime committed in the city, which means a new criminal case. Select a detective and find clues to solve the case.

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